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Inducing Prolongation & Recyclability

We preserve your models in the state you leave with, all the weights, biases and metrics are here all the time. You can pick up the model training any other time, transfer these values to train on other datasets or compare its metrics with other models. Similarly, we will provide a meta-store for the datasets you store and every time you update it, maintaining the lineage and provenance of the data to make it easier to trace back mistakes or changes and make it easier to validate data.

Accelerated Data-Engineering

Developing ML model is great fun, it’s exciting and insightful, but you have to climb the mountain that is data-engineering. We at Neuro, want to help you get through, just input your data, we’ll validate it, automate feature selection and tell you the issues with it. You don’t have to be wary about it. Just like that, move on to the next step.

Validate and Scale

You’ll need to insure the quality of our model, rigorously against every single class, against every type of input possible. Neuro provides an interface to test our models attacks, and observes how the model operates, depending on that performance you can use the generated code within any external platform you want to.